Questions?Well I do have questionsAlmost alwaysI wonder sometimesIf a king needed some work doneDefinitely, he would get the cream of the cropWith some impressive finesseThink about it🤷‍♀️ But then , The KingThe KingChose me, brokenOblivious to the things that matter mostTo do His business,His businessCalling myself an amateur will be too much creditA million questions…… Continue reading WHO AM I?

Dilemma of the one in glasses

Hello everyone😄😊. She scrambles for her glasses, not because she can’t see. The hues and shades appear blurry and she craves an exquisitely detailed view. How frustrating, when she can’t remember where she placed them! She wishes they will just scream, ‘ yo! here i am.’ She slumps into the sofa and crrrrrr! It isn’t…… Continue reading Dilemma of the one in glasses